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HiTech UPVC Systems - Double Glazing In Northampton

Based in Northampton, here at HiTech UPVC Systems we are dedicated to delivering a top quality service to all of our customers. Since being established in 1984, we have worked hard to build up the astounding reputation that we hold today for both the products we supply and the service that we provide.

We produce all of our glass to British Standard requirements and it is toughened for added security. We also provide sash windows for and offer double glazing that comes with a 10 year guarantee on installation, backed by HomePro insurance. All of our double glazing products supplied in Northampton use the most energy-efficient glass in the UK, known as Planitherm. This technology helps to save energy and therefore money on your heating bills which is always a welcomed benefit.

If you want the best possible savings on your heating bill, maximum comfort and enhanced security. Then why not call us to discuss your opportunities to install triple glazing.

Double Glazing

Windows In Northamptonshire

You may think that A-rated windows in Northamptonshire would cost far more, but in fact you could have them installed for approximately the same cost as others that are less energy efficient. A staggering amount of 26% heat loss happens because of windows, but if your based in Northamptonshire you can call us to install Planitherm Glass that could save you up to 28% annually on your heating bill.

It works by using a combination of thermal insulation - retaining domestic heat by reflecting it back into the house instead of allowing it to escape. It also allows the solar energy to pass through the glass and warm up your home.


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