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Conservatories Designed and Installed In Northampton

Conservatories are no longer just a luxury to be enjoyed in warmer months. The innovation in recent years and the advancement in both construction materials and techniques means that they are now a functional addition to your home. Many people even add a conservatory to their home as an extension, whether it be for a kitchen or additional living space.

At Hi Tech UPVC, we’ve been designing and building beautiful conservatories for customers in Northampton for over 18 years. During at time we’ve created additional living spaces for many customers and have always endeavoured to offer the most modern and energy-efficient solution.

Equinox Conservatory Roofs

As part of our commitment to provide the residents of Northamptonshire with the most practical and energy-efficient conservatory possible, we offer Equinox roof systems.

Equinox roof systems are very different to traditional conservatory roofs. Rather than being made of glass, the roof is layered and finished with tiles.

By using an Equinox tiled roof you can help to turn your conservatory into a more practical, functional space. The layered design helps to significantly improve insulation and means that the conservatory is more comfortable to sit in during colder months and also that it is cheaper to heat.

To see an example of a georgian conservatory we built with an Equinox roof in Rushden, Northamptonshire, click here.

What's Your Style?

The style of conservatory that’s right for you will depend on many thing including what you plan to use it for, as well as the look of your home. We understand conservatories need to compliment your existing home and also maximise your garden space. That’s why we offer a range of styles and shaped from traditional georgian to striking lantern shaped conservatories.

We have many high quality conservatories to choose from, below is a selection of our most popular designs:

  • Edwardian

    Edwardian Conservatory

    Elegance at its finest.

  • Victorian

    Victorian Conservatory

    A classic solution to enlarge your living space.

  • Lean-To

     Lean-To Conservatory

    A cost efficient solution for seeing more of an outside, inside.

  • T-Shape

    T-Shape Conservatory

    Perfect for the stylish individual.

  • P-Shape

    P-Shape Conservatory

    Comes in a variety of sizes to cater to your every need.

  • Orangery


    A value for money conservatory that brings the outside in.

  • Lantern

    Lantern Conservatory

    The stunning and timeless choice.

  • Georgian

    Georgian Conservatory

    The classic look that will brighten up your days.

  • Gable

    Gable Conservatory

    A practical solution that offers a unique living space.

  • Find Out More

    Conservatory Example

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Working With Customer Across Northamptonshire

Over the past 18 years we’ve worked in almost every area of Northamptonshire helping countless customers to enhance their homes. Being based in Northampton we can offer both a professional and local service that many national firms can’t.

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