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Windows & Double Glazing in Milton Keynes & Bedford - HiTech UPVC

Hitech UPVC have been installing energy efficient double glazed windows since 1984. As a company based in Northampton, we’ve completed a number of projects across neighbouring towns such as Milton Keynes & Bedford. Over the past three decades we’ve helped countless customers save money on their heating and better secure their properties.

Planitherm Double Glazing

Energy Efficient Planitherm Windows

At Hitech UPVC we use products that live up to the high-standards that we set and that’s why we only use Planitherm glass. Planitherm are one of the leading providers of energy-efficient glazing and glass that is 25% more efficient than standard double glazing. By having Planitherm windows in your home, you could save money on your energy bills.

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

Most modern houses, or at least those that have had their windows replaced, will have double glazing. Although this offers superior energy efficiency when compared with single glazing, there is now a more energy-efficient option. Triple glazing.

Triple glazing is something we’ve offered for a number of years, however it still remains less popular than double glazing. This is partly because double glazing has been around for longer, but also because triple glazing isn’t right for everyone.

Many people will see a benefit between upgrading their old double glazing, from around the year 2000, to newer double glazing as the energy efficiency of glass has improved so much over the last 17+ years. With that being said, triple glazing does offer even better heat retention, but the cost is higher than that of double glazing. The payback on energy saved is also similar between double glazing and triple glazing, so for some people double glazing remains their glass of choice.

Most people make the extra investment between double and triple glazing to gain the added benefit of improved sound insulation. If you live near a train line, or on a busy main road, you may wish to reduce the sound that you hear in your home.

In addition, if you have highly energy efficient wall and loft insulation you may experience cold spots around your windows if they don’t match up to the efficiency of the rest of your home.

For more information on the services we offer, which glass is right for you or a free quotation, you can contact us on 01604 767 744. We offer free quotations, in person, in both Milton Keynes and Bedford.


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