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Introducing Planitherm Windows: Saving Money and Enhancing Comfort

December 10, 2014

Planitherm has gained an outstanding reputation for its high performance in thermally insulating glass, allowing windows to reach the highest Window Energy Ratings. We will now be using this revolutionary product in our windows to give you the very best quality available.

We thought we would share some of the impressive features of Planitherm Glass with you so you can see just how beneficial it can be.


Planitherm Glass works to create a balance between warmth and energy consumption which lowers the heating bills for you. Triple glazing is the most energy efficient window solution on the market due to the third pane that captures a high level of free heat energy from sunlight, keeping the house warm at such a low cost. Even with Planitherm double glazing, very little heat is lost, allowing you to save on heating bills.


By retaining heat during the winter, Planitherm windows ensure that your home is warm without increasing heating bills or CO2 emissions. With exceptional thermal insulation properties, Planitherm windows are perfect for the winter season. Double glazing is known to keep homes a lot warmer, imagine what the effects that triple glazing will have!


It isn’t only triple glazed windows that Planitherm glass is used for, as the double glazing designs excel in both winter heating, energy savings, and security. Planitherm windows are designed so that the window pane remains intact during any breakage, making sure that broken pieces of glass remain adhered onto the film. This reduces the risk of injury from accidental damage. The quality of this glass can make it harder to break in as well as deter burglaries.


You can create a more peaceful and relaxing home by using the highest quality glass and intricate designs. Planitherm Glass is made to reduce noise from both weather and outside disruption to maximise comfort. Some designs create a stronger barrier against noise, so if this is a problem for you, we can advise you on the best solution.


We have found that Planitherm Glass is so versatile that it meets specific needs no matter whether they be security for a family home, acoustic solutions for those living on a busy road, or reducing condensation for homeowners with a conservatory. There are lots of options available to when using Planitherm, all of them impressively beneficial and excelling in different features.

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